Pricing & Service

Price List

Create Profile ( Subscription ) FREE
Add Property FREE
Create Group FREE
Verified Listing * FREE
Featured Ad ** AED 16 per Day
Promoted Ad *** AED 16 per Day
Display 360 Virtual Tour Ad**** Free For First 15 Days , AED 16 per Day

Terms & Condition

  • * Verified Listing will be displayed on JAIZER Search network for 2 Months
  • ** Featured Ad will be display on the top of the area serach ( Minimum 7 Days Booking in Advance )
  • *** Promoted Ad will be diplayed as JAIZER Sponsord post ( Minimum 7 Days Booking in Advance )
  • **** 360 Virtual Tour for Only Verified Ad, the Price is not including the service of taking 360 photos for the property


  • The property will be reviewd by admin JAIZER before approval to be listed in the Search Engine.
  • Properties Listed in UAE' Dubai will be verified based on Submission of the permission number b yDubai Land Department RERA
  • Verified Properties Listed by Certain CRM system will be displayed on the search engine

Verification Approval

  • The property must have the following.
  • Accurate location : use JAIZER locatoin finder for Exact Location
  • 3 Images is the minum requirement
  • TITLE must be matching the property details
  • Description must have a minimum of 150 Carechters

Add Property : Your property will be displayed on your Dashboard, profile , or your groups

Groups Members : can view post from all the members on the group